Digitiliti is the first cloud archiving company to combine full content and records management with frictionless content and email backup.
Automatic and real time content and email ingestion is completely transparent to users, ensuring that content is not forgotten by employees busy with their actual jobs. Intelligent content tagging, full-text indexing, and encryption ensures that documents and emails are safe while remaining available to any authorized user, anywhere in the world. Single-source sharing and collaboration folders allow the benefits of team based cooperation without exposing the organization to additional risk from many duplicates accidentally “leaking” or being orphaned when projects complete. Universal de-duplication and deep compression shrink content storage footprints by an average of 75% while ensuring that each authorized user keeps their access to their files where they put them. Cloud based archiving adds protection in times of disaster, whatever the size. Instant recovery of a single file, a large directory or an entire drive is as easy as drag and drop.

Digitiliti believes your information should work hard for you rather than you working hard for your information.

Digitiliti is a proud sponsor of AIIM Minnesota.